Musings On Markets

Just assume 10% growth in price will give around RM2640 and this is still below yesterday CPO price of RM2680. Wait until all of the shares flood the market and you will get a awesome buying opportunity if you still like the boutiques near me . Well today stock market started to move up but is it time to get in. In a similar vein, Value Line’s attempts to convert its screens (that also worked exceptionally well on paper) into a mutual fund also failed. 6. My paper portfolio made 43% so far due to gain in YOCB, hope TSH can grow another 30% in 2014! As we can see, I have reduced many of my stocks positions recently. As I have been codings in Metastock language, l thought it should be simple for me to understand Station coding Syntax and I should be able to programme it anytime I wish. Six months ago, I decided to move from Shareinvestor Webpro to Shareinvestor Station. By early February, the relative strength line began to move above zero line meaning that the stock is moving in sync with the STI index.


0, it simply tells me that the stock is currently outperformed the index and have more room to the upsides when the Index starts to catch up. RS is simply dividing the stock price / major index. 20% growth from FFB volume growth, 10% from CPO price. CPO prices last year is very low at about RM2400 per tonne. Note that I was using this measure of profitability as a rough proxy for the cost of reserves owned by companies, since you should expect companies with higher cost reserves to be hurt more by lower oil prices than those with lower cost reserves. Long trade as more confirmation will be required. After taking up new job early this year, I was not able to trade freely as before. It’s continually imperative to stay management of your emotions and do not combine them whereas taking choices on investment. I have found my path and its time to stay focus and make things happen.